What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring?

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What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring?

Let’s face it. Deep down, we have all wanted a dreamy proposal we can openly brag about. Now, it isn’t always that easy to get your point across and we know some partners hardly pick up on the subtle hints, and hence, a hopeless romantic is always left wishing and hoping for the best. When the moment finally arrives, you can actually feel your heart crush a little if the engagement ring isn’t anything like you’ve imagined. You might think that if you don’t like your engagement ring, expressing your concerns about it out loud might be embarrassing for your partner and everyone around. It might also seem like considering alternatives would be a no-go territory, as it might hurt some feelings, and that you will have to make do with what’s on your finger and give up on the ring of your dreams. Rest assured, your inner turmoil is totally valid and understandable!

Here’s How to Handle the Whole “Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring” Situation

engagement ring on hand | What to Do if You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

Now that you find yourself donning a ring that’s far from what you’ve imagined, there is no need to fret. We are here to take all your ring troubles away from you, while you focus on all the brighter aspects of being engaged to your beloved. Just know for certain that you are not the only person in a situation where you don’t like your engagement ring.

In fact, we’ve seen this conundrum arise more often than not, as, given the sentimental value, it seems like not much can be done about the issue at hand. But we’ve seen trustworthy jewellers act out as fairy godmothers in these scenarios, so much that we’ve probably got one on speed dial. With all this experience under our belt, we are confident enough to turn your inner frown into a bright smile by addressing all your common questions and concerns about wanting your dream engagement ring.

What should I do if my initial reaction was unpleasant?

Now that you have acknowledged that you don’t like your engagement ring, your initial reaction might have ranged from fake enthusiasm to apparent distaste and tantrums. In either case, there is no need to be vexed. It might come off as hard to believe, but it is extremely common for brides and grooms to express their aversion instantly at that moment.

The solution?

The key to getting things right is to communicate with your partner, in all honesty. Yep, it is not the end of the world, nor does your relationship have to suffer in any way. Keep reminding yourself that the ring is just a token of your partner’s immense love for you, and that love is still present, even if you don’t like your engagement ring.

However, you will need to fix this minor glitch by addressing the issue with your partner and acknowledging that your reaction could and should have been better. The key is to come clean and confess that you don’t like your engagement ring and admit that your reaction was in poor taste. Let them know that you understand that you’ve made a mistake and that you would love to be given a chance to fix it by sincerely apologizing.

What should I do if I haven’t told my fiancé that I don’t like my engagement ring yet?

Having said that, there might be some of you who would rather suffer in silence than come clean about how much you don’t like your engagement ring. Given the complexity of the situation and your intimate relationship with the ring-giver, it is absolutely comprehensible how hard it is to just blurt out the truth and openly express your emotions about how much you don’t like your engagement ring. A lot of concerns keep looming in your head, like whether or not being honest will affect your relationship with your partner, how they will react, and the impending doom of their heart being broken is always there.

man proposing to woman | What to Do If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

The solution?

First and foremost, you need to admit to yourself that the reason why you’re feeling so down is that you really don’t like your engagement ring, instead of masking your feelings. Once you have acknowledged the elephant in the room, be honest with your fiancé as well. The basis of every relationship is built on trust and honesty, and you wouldn’t want to let it go for something materialistic. And there’s absolutely no pressure. Feel free to come clean in your own time. Just know that your partner will understand and love you just the same.

How should I tell my fiancé that I don’t like my engagement ring?

Now’s the time to bring your a-game to the field! While talking to your partner, be extremely mindful of their feelings and keep reminding yourself of all the thought that went into the proposal and choosing the right ring for you. If you don’t like your engagement ring, now is not the time to be sour or uncivil about it, but rather take a polite approach to it and show your affection.

The solution?

Tell them how you’d rather prioritize them and your relationship and not anything else. And while you’re at it, be attentive of what your partner has to say. Let them speak their mind, and be patient while they’re at it. You two can either decide to keep the ring happily, exchange it for another one of your choices, or make minor alterations to it. Only proceed further when you have reached a mutual agreement about what step to take.

man kissing woman | What to Do If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

How do I apologize to my fiancé?

Be aware that you do not necessarily need to apologize if you don’t like your engagement ring, as one isn’t supposed to be sorry about how they feel. You are most definitely allowed to feel how you felt when you saw the ring. However, what really warrants an apology is an unpleasant reaction, if there was one. If you feel like your behaviour was not appropriate, an apology for your actions should be in the works. But nevertheless, it is still up to you to make that decision, as nobody understands your relationship dynamics and what works for your fiancé better than you.

The solution?

In a scenario where you do go ahead with an apology, try to take full responsibility for the misconduct and offer the assurance of being better in the future. Your happiness would still be your fiancé’s first priority, as it should be yours. And seeing you trying to make it work would make them melt in a matter of moments!

wedding rings | What to Do If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

How do I go about getting a new ring/ring altered?

Once you’ve got the hard part out of the way and cleared the air on how you don’t like your engagement ring, it is time to rejoice a little as the ring of your dreams is closer than you think – that is, if you have decided to get the ring altered or exchanged or returned.

The solution?

Talk to your jeweller about the situation and see what they suggest. It is completely okay if you feel confused and want the jeweller to take the upper hand, as they have major experience in dealing with cases like these.

Be open with the jeweller and they will lay all the options in front of you. You can talk to them about their policies and get a refund and try your luck elsewhere, or you can get some changes done to the ring you already have. Alternatively, you could also opt for a fancy engagement band to amp up your ring! This way you will be able to add a touch of bling and class without having to alter your ring! Here are some helpful tips that will help you find the perfect band for your engagement ring!

engagement ring | What to Do If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring

Figuring out what to do might seem like a dilemma, but there are competent jewellers like Golden Treasures, who specialize in wedding and engagement rings, so you will never have to worry about not liking the end product. So, head over to one and scope through their broad range of engagement rings, and finally, pick out the one that appeals to your heart the most!

Have you ever been in such a nail-biting situation? If so, how did you get through? Did you suffer in silence or speak your heart out to get the ring of your dreams?

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