Royale Windsor

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Royale Windsor

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The Royale Windsor




Reminiscent of the finest coach built cars from the 1950s.


Cream & Black, With A Cream Leather Interior


Seating 4 door saloon

Roof Type

Landaulette Folding hood over the rear passengers


Pairs up very well with our beuaford fleet.


The Royale Windsor is an exceptional style of automobile which excels in quality and style. Reminiscent of the very best coach built cars from the 1930s. It also has a sumptuous cream leather interior, generous boot space and seating for passengers in extreme comfort. It is the most spacious & comfortable luxury vehicle of its type. Cars That Pair Up Beautifully are The Bramwith UIJ, The Beauford AUS and The Regent

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The Royale Windsor History:

John Barlow founded the Royale Motor Company in 1990 in Preston. He has developed on the basis of mass production three models in the style of the 1930s and these both ready assembled and sold in kit form (as so-called kit cars). 2001 the company was dissolved.

The Empire Motor Company from the Netherlands took over the model Saber in 2001, handed it in 2002 to the Vintage Motor Company from Pontefract under the leadership of Alan Beillby, which stopped in 2006 and 2009 Saber Sportscars from Wandworth, under the direction of Simon Rhodes surrendered.

There is no connection to the car brand Royale, under which various manufacturers offered a Morgan-like model called Royale between 1981 and 1990.


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