Jaguar XJ-S

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Jaguar XJ-S

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jaguar XJS 5.3 v12 petrol






Gleaming White with unmarked Red leather


3 Passengers

Roof Type

Hard Top Saloon


A period phone system.


An exquisite unmarked 1977 jaguar XJ-S 5.3 V12. Petrol in Gleaming white with unmarked red leather along with a period telephone system. Capable of seating 2 smaller passengers in the rear and 1 passenger in the front with the chauffeur. Cars also suitable for the Bridegroom are The Chrysler and The Ferrari F430 Spider 

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Jaguar XJ-S History:

The Jaguar XJ-S and XJS is a Gran Turismo of the traditional British car manufacturer Jaguar . It was manufactured from June 1975 to April 4, 1996 in approximately 11,513 copies, making it the most successful Jaguar sports model so far.

With the latest Jaguar E-Type , which was manufactured in September 1974, Jaguar gave the market for roadster sports cars. English car industry with brands such as Jaguar, Triumph and MG was just known.

New regulatory frameworks, particularly in the US , prompted Jaguar to favor the development of a fast, comfortable Coupe (GT) over a roadster. The lines of the XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe developed on the basis of the XJ sedan and fitted with the V12 engine from the E-Type Series III were initially controversial at first.


On September 10, 1975, the XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe was presented at the IAA in Frankfurt am Main , based on the XJ Series II (the wheelbase was 2.59 m by about 25 cm shorter than the sedan XJ 12th ), with a closed 2 + 2-seater body. The V12 engine in the then just production-ready injection version. Its shape, with a Cd value of 0.39, has been shown to be more slippery than the now-out-of-fashion E-Type, but also heavier.

Heavier than the E-Type V12 2 + 2. The XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe (Pre-HE) was the fastest and most expensive Jaguar in the model range at the time, and Jaguar hoped to buy other luxury brands like Maserati and Ferrari with this modelto win. Compared to models like the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-Benz SL. 


The Jaguar XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe is faster, but the gas consumption is also slightly higher. The top speed is 241 km / h and the coupe accelerates in 6.8 s (manual transmission) and 7.9 s (automatic) from 0-100 km / h. In addition, it was characterized by an excellent road holding and proved in this model segment a very unique character.

The XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe was initially only with the 5.3-liter V12 with 211 kW (287 hp). It stood at the introduction initially a three-speed automatic transmission (Borg Warner type 12).

Later additionally a four-speed manual gearbox to choose (the latter was produced until about 1978 worldwide only in a number of 352 copies). When launched, the XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe was the fastest and most expensive vehicle from Jaguar’s range.


This model also gained notoriety through the successful British television series Simon Templar – A Gentleman with Halo (1978-1979), in which Ian Ogilvy drove as Simon Templar a white XJ-S 5.3 GT Coupe (Pre-HE). The license plate ST-1.

A black XJ-S 5.3 GT coupe (Pre-HE) with additional tank from 1978. This car won the Cannonball race from New York to Los Angeles in 1979 (4628 km) in 32 hours and 51 minutes (average speed: over 140 km / h) , The record lasted until 1983.



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