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Beauford XRB

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The Beauford XRB – Long Bodied Tourer


311 XRB


1930's Style


A combination of gleaming two tone silver exterior with a cream leather interior.


Seating up to 4 Passengers

Roof Type



Includes A Full Weather Protection and Upgraded Heaters


The Beauford XRB 1930’s style, 4 door, long bodied open top tourer is perfect for any wedding. A combination of gleaming two tone silver exterior with a cream leather interior. It also has full weather protection and upgraded heaters to combat the ever fluctuating British weather.

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Beauford XRB History

Beauford is a British family run automobile company based in Biddulph, Stoke on Trent. The cars are supplied in kit form and are therefore highly customisable. Beauford are founding members of S.T.A.T.U.S. (Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society).

Originally based in Upholland, Lancashire the company later moved to Stoke on Trent. The first cars were made in 1983 and used a Mini bodyshell as the passenger compartment later replaced by a glass fibre molding. The company has supplied over 1,500 kits.

The Beauford Tourer is designed to look like a vintage car. At the front is a long bonnet with flowing wings at either side to give the appearance of a 1930s Style Grand Tourer luxury car. There are both 2 door and 4 door versions. Cars come in both open and closed bodies. With detachable hard top or convertible soft top there are also half soft-top versions.[2] Because of the classic look of the vehicles the cars have become popular as wedding transport.They are very suited to Rover V8 engines, a good engine to use would be the M119 5 liter Mercedes Benz engine with over 300 BHP and huge torque.

The shell of the body is made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), and the bonnet and panels are alloys. The body is mounted on a ladder chassis. The vehicles have a long wheel base of 3.2 m (126″). A variety of power units can be fitted to the kit, including FordNissan and Rover. The suspension, steering, pedal box and master cylinder can be sourced from the Ford Sierra. The manufacturer provides a lot of choice in body parts such as windscreens and lights, meaning there are many unique vehicles in circulation.


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