How to Figure Out the Bill Levkoff Size Chart

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Hello, ladies. I know you’re probably here because the Bill Levkoff size chart is confusing. Believe me, I’ve been there too! I’m throwing together this guide all things Bill Levkoff’s size chart, measuring, and any other questions you may have!

Using the Bill Levkoff Size Chart

Need help with using the Bill Levkoff size chart? We’ve got you covered! Let’s start with the size chart itself so you can use it as a reference throughout the measuring process!

The Bill Levkoff Size Chart

Size Bust Waist Hips Hollow-to-Hem
0 32 ½” 25 ½” 36 ½” 58”
2 33 ½” 26 ½” 37 ½” 58”
4 34 ½” 27 ½” 38 ½” 58”
6 35 ½” 28 ½” 39 ½” 58”
8 36 ½” 29 ½” 40 ½” 58”
10 37 ½” 30 ½” 41 ½” 58”
12 39” 32” 43” 58”
14 40 ½” 33 ½” 44 ½” 58”
16 42” 35” 46” 58”
18 44” 37” 48” 58”
20 46” 39” 50” 58”
22 48 ½” 41” 52” 58”
24 50 ½” 43” 54” 58”
26 52 ½” 45” 56” 58”
28 54 ½” 47” 58” 58”

Here is the size chart that you should use as a reference for bridesmaid dresses that you wish to order through Bill Levkoff. It is very important to use this specific size chart because it is the 2019 Bill Levkoff size chart, so you have the best chance of success using this chart.

So now that we have the size chart, what do we do with it?

How to Get Your Measurements

There are two ways to get your measurements to see which size you are: get professionally measured or do it at home. Out of those two options, we highly recommend that you get professionally measured before ordering your Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dress. Not only will you most certainly be measured correctly, your consultant will be able to supply you with recommendations for your dress order as well. All around, it is much better and less risky to simply have a professional measure you.

However, if you have your heart set on measuring yourself or you simply do not want to spend your time getting professionally measured, doing it at home is an option. If you choose this route, we recommend that you measure with another person so they can ensure that you measured correctly.

Bill Levkoff Bridesmaid Dresses

How to Measure Yourself

There are four measurements that you need to have handy when choosing a size to order: bust, hips, waist, and hollow-to-hem. It is important to have another person with you so that they can help you measure accurately.

What you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen & paper, your phone, etc. to record what your measurements are

Step #1: Measure your bust

Measure around your chest at the fullest point of the bust (the tape measure should be level with your nipples), NOT under the bust. Be sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

Do you want to wear a bra under your bridesmaid dress? Not sure? I recommend recording your measurements with your bra on and without. The two numbers should be pretty similar if your bra fits your properly. Whether or not you plan on wearing a bra under your bridesmaid dress is totally up to you!

Step #2: Measure your waist

Stand completely straight and bend at the waist to one side. The crease that forms is where your natural waist is; measure there! Be sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

Step #3: Measure your hips

Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips/butt. Be sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor.

Step #4: Measure your hollow-to-hem

Measure from the center of your collarbone (hollow) to the bottom of your dress (hem). For all Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses, the hem is the exact same (58″). If your hollow-to-hem measurement is shorter than 58″, there is nothing worry about for that particular measurement. If it is longer, you will have to order extra fabric when you order your dress for your alterations.

It is important to note that you want to be wearing shoes with a similar heel height to the shoes that you’ll be wearing the day of the wedding when taking the hollow-to-hem measurement.

Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dress v-neckline

Style 768 in Navy

How to Choose Which Size to Order

Now that you’ve done the hard part, all you have to do now is order the dress! Congratulations! Unfortunately, this is the part where many have difficulties. Some women are in complete shock when they discover what size they should order according to the Bill Levkoff size chart! Completely understandable. Here’s a few things to note when finding your size according to the Bill Levkoff size chart:

  1. Bill Levkoff’s measurements run smaller than retail’s. If you’re a size 8 in retail, it is likely that you’ll be wearing a few sizes larger than an 8 according to the Bill Levkoff size chart. This is not a negative thing! This simply means that Bill Levkoff sizes his dresses differently than retail does.
  2. Always order the size that fits the largest part of your body. Example: your bust measures at a 10, your waist at a 12, and your hips at an 14. You should order your dress as a size 14 to accommodate your hips and then take in the rest of the dress to custom fit the rest of your body. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way to order your bridesmaid dress!

Using the measurements you have, align your measurements with the sizes they fit most. If your bust, waist, and hips are all different sizes, don’t worry! Tailors exist for a reason and will be able to help you fit the dress to your unique body shape.

The key is to order your gown size in the size that will fit the largest part of your body. We cannot emphasize this enough!

Got more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us! We’d love to help you with all of your sizing questions and would love to fit you ourselves!

Check out our collection of Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses! We are a top retailer of Bill Levkoff’s and offer all his bridesmaid dresses at a low, competitive rate! Our dresses are priced at least 15% lower than the rest plus we offer returns and fantastic customer service. Check out our extensive collection of Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses!

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